1. Thank you for this! How enviable, to be able to see Sorolla’s paintings in person. I have seen only one, and it stopped me in my tracks. I’d never heard of Sorolla before I encountered La vuelta de la pesca, a glorious 4-meter-wide work, the sole occupant of a wall in a passage to a gallery at the Musée d’Orsay. The light and the dynamic calm of the painting held me captive for a long while, sunk down on the floor against the wall because, mysteriously, no bench had been placed opposite this great work. I’ve since learned that the seashore and the beauty of work with boat and beasts were common themes of Sorolla’s, so the painting at the Orsay was characteristic. The Melones one you’ve posted looks utterly peaceful and still vibrant.


  2. Yes, the painting you mention is wonderful. Dare I say it might not be given pride of place, because it ain’t French, ;-)? The painting I talk about is small-scale, and of an entirely different order subject- and treatmentwise, but still wonderful.


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