Lost for words?

Stumped for a structure?

Grimacing about grammar?

Let me help you.

Why not ensure your writing makes the best impression it can by getting a professional editor to read it?

Whether you have a business report, an application, a thesis, a tender or website, I will work with you to get the result you want.

Your writing will be free of errors and read smoothly.

And if that’s what you need, I can create something from scratch for you.

Email: jeremybutterfield@btinternet.com to tell me what you need.

I offer copy-editing and proofreading services, and anything in between, including major rewrites.

If you’re not sure of the difference, there’s an explanation here.

In essence, I’ll make sure your writing is clear, consistent, concise and reader-friendly.

It will have the tone and style that will engage your intended readership.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Here are some general tips on writing that I wrote for the Oxford dictionaries website.

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